The Belgariad by <span class="author">David Eddings</span>

The Belgariad by David Eddings

"The Belgariad" is a five-book fantasy series written by American author David Eddings. Known for its classic epic fantasy elements, engaging characters, and traditional hero's journey, the series has become a beloved staple in the genre.

Plot Overview:

"The Belgariad" follows the journey of Garion, a young farm boy whose quiet life takes a dramatic turn when he learns of his true identity and destiny. He discovers that he is part of a prophecy that foretells a great conflict between the forces of light and darkness.

Guided by the wise sorcerer Belgarath, Garion embarks on a quest to retrieve a stolen and powerful artifact known as the Orb of Aldur. Throughout his journey, he encounters a diverse cast of characters, including warriors, sorcerers, thieves, and otherworldly beings. As the series unfolds, Garion's path becomes intertwined with the fate of kingdoms and the balance of power in the world.


  1. Destiny and Prophecy: The theme of destiny and the fulfillment of prophecies is central to the series, as characters grapple with their roles in shaping the future.
  2. Good vs. Evil: The struggle between light and darkness is a core theme, with the characters working to thwart the plans of the antagonist, Torak.
  3. Coming of Age: Garion's journey from an ordinary farm boy to a key player in a world-changing conflict mirrors the classic hero's journey and coming-of-age narrative.
  4. Friendship and Loyalty: The relationships and bonds formed between characters, particularly the camaraderie among Garion and his companions, emphasize the importance of friendship and loyalty.
  5. Magic and Mythology: The series is steeped in magic, mythological beings, and ancient lore that shape the world and its history.


"The Belgariad" series is a favorite among readers who appreciate traditional epic fantasy with well-defined characters, an engaging plot, and classic fantasy elements. Its straightforward narrative style and timeless themes have made it accessible to both young adult and adult readers. While some aspects of the series adhere to familiar fantasy tropes, its charming characters and Eddings' storytelling style continue to resonate with those who enjoy the nostalgia and comfort of classic fantasy storytelling.

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