"The Breakdown" by <span class="author">B.A. Paris</span>

"The Breakdown" by B.A. Paris

"The Breakdown" by B.A. Paris is a psychological thriller that delves into the unraveling mind of its protagonist as she grapples with guilt, paranoia, and the fear that she might be losing her sanity. The novel's exploration of psychological distress and the blurred lines between reality and imagination creates a sense of tension and unease.

Plot Overview:

The story follows Cass Anderson, a schoolteacher who witnesses a car parked on a desolate road during a storm. She debates stopping to help but ultimately decides to continue her way. The next day, she learns that the woman in the car was found dead. Overwhelmed by guilt and haunted by the idea that she could have saved the woman, Cass begins to experience episodes of forgetfulness and paranoia.

Cass's life starts to unravel as she becomes increasingly forgetful, loses items, and receives mysterious phone calls that she believes are from the deceased woman. She begins to doubt her own perceptions and fears that she might be suffering from the same early-onset dementia that afflicted her mother. As she becomes consumed by fear and confusion, she starts to isolate herself from her husband and friends.

As Cass tries to uncover the truth behind the mysterious calls and her own deteriorating mental state, she unravels a series of unsettling secrets that cast doubt on the intentions of those around her.


  1. Guilt and Paranoia: The novel explores the impact of guilt and the psychological toll it can take, leading to paranoia and distorted perceptions.
  2. Memory and Reality: The theme of memory and its unreliability is central, as Cass's perception of reality becomes increasingly blurred.
  3. Isolation: Cass's emotional and psychological isolation is a recurring theme as she struggles to communicate her fears and experiences to those close to her.
  4. Trust and Deception: The story raises questions about trust and the possibility that the people Cass knows might not be who they appear to be.


"The Breakdown" captivates readers with its exploration of psychological distress and the protagonist's emotional turmoil. B.A. Paris's skillful pacing and gradual unveiling of unsettling details keep readers engaged as they question the reliability of Cass's perspective. The novel's portrayal of a mind on the brink of unraveling adds layers of suspense and mystery to the narrative. Overall, "The Breakdown" is a suspenseful and emotionally charged thriller that plays on the fear of losing control over one's own mind and perceptions.

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